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Benefits of Using Fluoride Varnish.

By using a soft brush, fluoride varnish is usually applied by brushing it onto the teeth and is usually a white gel or a pale yellow one. It is a popular dentists’ recommendation to protect your teeth against decay and is usually applied after regular brushing. In most cases, it is applied twice yearly by a dental practitioner at the back, front, bottom and top of the teeth. When the fluoride in the product seeps into the tooth enamel, it strengthens the tooth hence preventing the formation of new cavities and can even treat a decay that is just beginning. The benefits of using fluoride varnish for your teeth are explained further below.

On application, the fluoride varnish dries up very fast. It takes about two minutes for the varnish to fully dry once applied. The other fluoride treatments such as fluoride foams or gels may take about four minutes to fully dry, which is a lot of time to sit patiently without moving, hence in comparison, fluoride varnish dries up very quickly.

Using fluoride varnish will also enable you to eat or drink anything immediately after the treatment. This is because eating or drinking anything cannot wash away the fluoride varnish. This sharply contrasts with other treatments which may not allow you to eat or drink anything for even up to thirty minutes after treatment. It could, therefore, be a challenge when you get very hungry or very thirsty.

It is also not easy to swallow the varnish since it dries up very fast. This is very good news especially if you have a toddler who you would like to have the treatment for. if the fluoride treatment does not dry up quick such as fluoride foams, the toddlers mostly end up swallowing it hence posing a health hazard as this may lead to infections. Due to its fast drying capabilities, fluoride varnish is good for persons of all ages.

In comparison to using other fluoride treatments, more fluoride is absorbed into the teeth when using fluoride varnish. This is because fluoride varnish has up to 24 full hours absorption. Therefore, there is greater protection of your teeth because maximum absorption of the fluoride from the product into your teeth is ensured.

One also has a more pleasant experience with fluoride varnish than with other treatments. This will, therefore, enable patients to have a more positive view of fluoride treatments. It is, therefore, very important to have a pleasant experience with the treatments for the continued protection of your teeth.

Therefore, next time you are looking for a suitable fluoride treatment for your teeth, you should definitely consider using fluoride varnish due to its numerous benefits as illustrated above.

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