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Online Standards Based Gradebook Guide

Conventional gradebooks are purposed to show the performance of students as compared to total individual homework grades. This is the kind of information that guides teachers, students and their parents to draw conclusions about a learner’s strengths and weaknesses as per the overall grade during an examination or grading period. However, finding out the specifics in the learnt skills of a student through the traditional methods is usually a challenging affair. Noteworthy, there are numerous reasons why learners might not excel in an annual exam, but it never means that they were weak. This has compelled many K-12 schools to start implementing the classroom culture building activities system.

Combining assignments and standards

Studying online means that there are teachers who are ready to provide learning resources such as lessons and skill guides to students. Thus, when the student has completed learning a new skill or a given study activity, they get assessed and the graded is done automatically. All the information is then recorded in the gradebook.

Of course, this means that the standard-based grading method is more beneficial to students than the traditional system as it helps keep track the step-by-step performance of a student. For instance, the student does not have to answer questions under pressure but instead, they can learn adequately and the assessment is part of the learning process. The majority of assessment methods that involve an exam after a long period means that the student may get ill and fail, which ends up with the wrong assessment results. Measuring the success of skill acquisition through the standard-based method is therefore more accurate than the traditional method.

Accessing the student’s mastery

When the student completes tackling the standard-based activities, the teacher is able to see the performance information on the digital gradebook. The standards that are measured will appear in a logical way on the book and the teachers can always boil down their interest in specific standards. The logically arranged data is allows the teacher to note the number of assessments done on each standard and the corresponding performance of the student. Thus, although the online standards gradebook system is done remotely, it is still effective.

Analyzing the student’s performance

The academic progress of a student is easy to tell especially after they have undergone a number of standard-based assessments. The tutors rely on this information to know the points of weakness or strength on their students. Determining the strengths and weaknesses makes it easy for the teacher to know which part of the learning process had a deficit and needs some revisit. In short, the ability to know what the student performs well or badly means that the teacher now knows what to stress out in their training expeditions. In the end, the online standards based gradebook is an efficient track of learning activities.
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